What Marshall Tree Saw is Best for Me…

That is a question that can best be answered by taking a few minutes and speaking with a friendly and knowledgeable MTS Field Trained Specialist. Questions like what size skid do you currently own (or going to buy), what type of unwanted vegetation are you removing, what is the average diameter your cutting, how many acres need clearing, do you need to apply herbicides, are you doing this commercially or just on your land?

All these and maybe other questions determine what model of the Marshall Tree Saw best fits your needs…a quick no obligation conversation call toll free  1-877-SPIN-NOT (744-6668) that will provide answers or contact a MTS dealer in your area (see dealer map). 

Download Spec Sheet

Unprecedented Power And Speed

The powerful Marshall Tree Saw enables the operator to clear, pile and cut trees quickly and efficiently — capable of cutting hundreds of trees an hour. Cutting at or below ground level, the saw makes short work of full-grown trees . Unlike other blades, rock, dirt and mud do not compromise the performance of the uniquely powerful Marshall Tree Saw blade.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Manufacturing begins with 3/8" high-carbon, abrasion-resistant steel. All steel parts are laser-cut for precision, and all bushings and mounting shafts are fabricated from heat-treated steel to reduce wear. Engineered For Efficiency And Safety. The Saws bi-directional hydraulics allow the slowly rotating blade to cut left-to-right or right-to-left, increasing productivity while safely directing the cut trees away from the operator. Teeth located on either side of the blade hold the trees securely in place during cutting and moving. The A-frame bar, used for moving and piling the cut trees, provides added protection for the operator.

Low Maintenance

The saw is built for durable, dependable service over the long haul, and engineered for easy maintenance. The chain and blade’s adjustable, self-oiling system operates with any EPA approved oil. The mounting shaft and bushings are easily greased from a single point, making downtime for routine maintenance both short and affordable. All critical parts are designed for easy replacement, thus extending the operational life of the saw.
  • Marshall Tree Saw Cutting a Tree at Ground Level
  • Marshall Tree Saw Pushing Rocks
  • Marshall Tree Saw Cutting Off High Limbs

Marshall Tree Saw Accessories

Brush Guard

Designed to offer added protection of cylinders and hoses when pushing, piling brush & felled trees during cutting operations. Download PDF

Add On Sprayer Tank for Brush Control

For those species that need spraying to control re-growth the Marshall Tree Saw Aftermarket Sprayer Attachment is just the item. Easy to install and use when connected to your Skid loader proper power source. Download PDF

New Integrated Saw Sprayer Tank for Brush Control

This system is built into the saws right side frame at time of manufacturing (see photos) and provides a better line of site for spraying vs. the aftermarket model. This system comes with either of the two pumps mentioned above and is complete with exception of electrical wiring harness for skid steer. Download PDF

Parts Included: with After Market Sprayer Tank

Kit Includes:
-Nozzle & Mounting Bracket
-Steel Tube Protector

NOTE: Wiring to skid steer not included
  • brush guard
  • sprayer
  • additional parts
  • fill
  • nozzle
  • uchannel
  • cover
  • pump